Many airlines fly to Bogota and Medellin. From there, take a direct connection to Manizales Airport (AVIANCA from Bogota; ADA from Medellin) or to Pereira Airport (from Pereira Airport to Manizales there is a 90 minutes road trip)

Accomodation in the city

There are some 4-star hotels, 3-star and 2-star hotels and also hostels in the city.

We recommend the following, 15-minutes by car to the Venue (Campus la Nubia, Universidad Nacional de Colombia):

Quo Quality Hotel (4-star):

Hotel Varuna (4-star):

Hotel Estelar El Cable (3-star):

Hotel Pórtico Galería Cava (3-star):

Hotel Portal de Milán (2-star):

Hotel La Camelia (2-star):

Mountain Hostel:

Kumanday Hostel:

it is recommended to make the reservations as soon as possible since there are usually many events in the city.

The Venue

The Venue (Campus La Nubia, Universidad Nacional de Colombia) is 15-minutes by car from the modern part of the city (where the recommended hotels are). It is very close to the local airport (Airport La Nubia). Talks will be held at the Library Auditorium.

Moving in the city

There are many possibilities for restaurants and night life near the hotels. It is recommended to get a taxi (it is quite cheap) for moving inside the city.